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  • Rare Sam Altman Interview, Constructing “Dreams” with GenAI, and Sora & Marvel

Rare Sam Altman Interview, Constructing “Dreams” with GenAI, and Sora & Marvel

Sam Altman responds to art community, Marvel producer's AI hot take, and what datasets on AI art reveal about our models

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In this edition:

  • 👀 Sam Altman responds to arguments against AI Art

  • 🎨 Constructing “Dreams” with Generative AI: An MIT Workshop

  • 🖼️ What uniquely characterizes AI Art (and what humans think about it)

  • 🧺 Twitter: AI does laundry?

  • 🐦 Social media and Hollywood’s contrasting opinions on generative animations

  • 🏆 Are Diffusion Models overshadowing other AI advancements?

  • 🎹 From Drake to Kendrick: The consequences of AI Singing

  • 📲 2 New Trending AI Apps for you!

  • 🎤 Founder and CEO Jeremy Toeman on the AI Minds Podcast

  • 📝 Free transcription forever with this new speech-to-text tool!

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🎥  Sam Altman discusses AI Art and the future of creativity

The creator of Sora and Dall-E discusses artists’ and engineers’ concerns about the future of art. From films to museums, artistic AI models both inspire and spark controversy. And in this interview, Altman responds to arguments from the art community both in favor of and against creativity-oriented technology.

🧑‍🔬 Constructing “Dreams” with Generative AI and What Uniquely Characterizes AI Art

Constructing Dreams with Generative AI - This paper from MIT reports a workshop in which high school students attempted to construct their future dreams. The goal was to see how simple or difficult generative AI is to use (among other pedagogical objectives).

AI Art Neural Constellation: Revealing the Collective and Contrastive State of AI-Generated and Human Art -  To understand the new artistic medium better, in this study, this paper conducts a comprehensive analysis to position AI-generated art within the context of human art heritage. What “style” does AI art tend to mimic? What features uniquely characterize AI art? And how much do humans like/hate it?

🐝 Social Media Buzz: Sora, Spiderman, and Laundry

🏇 Are Diffusion Models Overshadowing other AI Advancements? 

Are Diffusion Models Overshadowing other AI Advancements? -  It seems like the hype behind reinforcement learning fell as models like GPT-4o and Sora arose. Among all AI models, are developers and researchers picking their favorite children, so to speak? Learn more here.

AI Can Sing: A look at generative music models - Visual art is one thing, but what is the impact of AI on the music community? Drake recently used AI to recreate Snoop Dogg’s and Tupac Shakur’s voices in a controversial, widely released song. What are the legal and ethical implications of such tech? Find out here.

BgRem provides incredible AI tools for creating and editing your media content. The creative possibilities are limitless. Users craft various forms of art, generating images in 17 styles. They portray themselves using AI filters as heroes in popular games and movies, redesign their room interiors, and even create unique illustrations for children’s books.

Deep Art Effects stands out in the art world with its unique proposition. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), it offers a revolutionary way to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary artworks. Imagine having the capability to see your snapshots through the eyes of legendary artists like Picasso or Van Gogh. That's the magic Deep Art Effects brings to the table.

🎙️ AI Minds Podcast! 

In this AI Minds podcast episode, Demetrios is joined by Jeremy Toeman, CEO and Founder of Aug x Labs. 

They talked about AI, MLOps, and the birth and development of Jeremy's innovative product, Augie. Jeremy shares his tech journey from experimenting with an Apple II plus computer in the third grade to creating award-winning media streaming boxes, helping startup companies launch, and eventually creating Aug x Labs.

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