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  • Ben Horowitz on AI Boom + Bust, MIT says AI unlikely to increase inequality, and Voice Cloning Tech Exposed

Ben Horowitz on AI Boom + Bust, MIT says AI unlikely to increase inequality, and Voice Cloning Tech Exposed

Is the AI Bust inevitable? Should we still be bullish on tech? a16z, MIT, Columbia, and more speak on this topic in this newsletter!

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In this edition:

  • 💰 Andreessen and Horowitz acknowledge fears of an AI Bust

  • 🎤 Voice Cloning Exposed: The Bond Between Ethics and Technology

  • 📝 Top 8 Most Influential arXiv papers on multimodal AI

  • 📈 The Simple Macroeconomics of AI: Should we be bullish? | MIT

  • 🐻 Impacts of AI from a firm-growth perspective | Columbia University

  • 💿 Live Webinar: Navigating the Risk and Reward of GenAI!

  • 📲 Three new AI Apps and Directories for you!

  • 🗞️ New York Times’ old words on the AI Boom

  • 🌿 How has the AI Boom impacted Algorithmic Biology?

  • ✈️ Best coding copilots, besides Github’s

  • 👓 Human-in-the-Loop AI fully explained!

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🎥 Andreessen & Horowitz: The AI Boom is not like the Internet Boom

In this 10-minute podcast clip, a16z argue that the AI Boom is much more similar to the microprocessor boom than the internet boom. That being said, they also note that booms and busts remain a natural part of the world of technology, since people in general tend to have fluctuating emotions when it comes to various innovations. Learn more by clicking the video!

🏇 Exposing Voice Cloning and The Top 8 Most Influential Papers on Multimodal AI

Exposing Voice Cloning: How Synthetic Voices Shape Futures - From privacy and security concerns to an in-depth look at the companies who create voice-cloning technology, this article delves into the difficulties of AI voice. If you’re working on anything to do with audio and AI, this article is for you.

Top 8 most influential arXiv papers on multimodal AI - From rumors about a real-world Jarvis to news about multimodal AI agents, there exists no shortage of hype around these models. If you’re interested in building multimodal models, or if you simply want a glimpse into the status quo, check out these 8 most influential papers on arXiv!

🧑‍🔬 The (surprising) Macro- and Microeconomic Impacts of the AI Boom…

The Simple Macroeconomics of AI - This paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research evaluates claims about large macroeconomic implications of new advances in AI. From a mathematically rigorous perspective, MIT’s Daron Acemoglu breaks down just how valid Silicon Valley’s bullish stance on AI truly is.

Artificial intelligence, firm growth, and product innovation - This paper reveals numerous incredible insights into the impact of AI from a more microeconomic perspective. AI-investing firms experience higher growth in sales, employment, and market valuations. This growth comes primarily through increased product innovation

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