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Multimodal assistants, LLMs for Teachers, & AI in Business School: AI and Education

Wharton, Sal Khan, and the Wall Street Journal are all discussing AI in education! And many more are joining in too. It looks like machines aren't the only ones learning

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In this edition:

  • Research reveals AI can grade students papers

  • GAIED (pronounced Guide): Generative AI for Education

  • 妓 What multimodal AI really looks like in practice

  • DocLLM: A Layout-Aware Generative Language Model

  • TED Talk: Sal Khan on how AI will revolutionize education

  • Twitter: Wharton and Wall Street Journals hot takes on AI in schools

  • 3 New Trending AI Apps to Check Out!

  • AI Minds Podcast: Mohsen Amin and CRM systems

  • TEDx Talk: Marc Natanagara on rethinking how we measure intelligence with AI

  • Finetuning tips and tricks for LLMs

  • Glossary: AI and Education - A Complete Overview

  • 儭 Bonus: Top 7 Uses for Speech to Text in Schools!

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Deepgram just released a brand new text-to-speech model called Aura! Check it out here.

Research: Teachers can use AI to grade papers and more!

Fine-tuning ChatGPT for automatic scoring - This study highlights the potential of fine-tuned ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) for automatically scoring student written constructed responses using example assessment tasks in science education. It highlights the effectiveness of fine-tuned GPT-3.5 for automatic scoring of student responses on domain-specific data in education with high accuracy.

Generative AI for Education (GAIED): Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges - This survey article has grown out of the GAIED (pronounced guide) workshop organized by the authors at the NeurIPS 2023 conference This article aims to provide an overview of the workshop activities and highlight several future research directions in the area of GAIED.

Multimodal AI in Action, DocLLM & Finetuning Secrets

What multimodal AI really looks like in practice - Architectures like early/late fusion models, transformer-based multi-modal models, and multi-modal LMs provide the framework for integrating diverse data sources. Real-world applications range from enhancing AR experiencesas seen in the Pok矇mon Go case study code walkthrough in this guideto improving accessibility, content creation, and user interaction across various domains.

Paper Breakdown: DocLLM, A Layout-Aware Generative Language Model for Multimodal Document Understanding (Wang et al., 2023) - This article expertly breaks down a paper introducing the DocLLM, a lightweight extension of traditional large language models (LLMs) designed to understand visually rich documents like forms, invoices, receipts, and reports. Its useful not only in educational contexts, but any domain in which dense documents are written and read.

踝 TED Talk: Sal Khan on how AI will revolutionize education worldwide

The one and only Sal Khan (CEO and founder of Khan Academy) believes AI could lead to the most influential and revolutionary changes in education since the dawn of the printing press. Heres why.

Social media buzz

Weve got some (perhaps hot) takes from Twitter this week. From the Wall Street Journal to Wharton Faculty Scholars. Do you agree with them?

Mobile Brain is a visionary project that emerged from the collaborative efforts of specialists in neuroscience and education. Founded on over a decade of scientific research conducted by Dr. Nat獺lia Mota, a psychiatrist and the chief scientist at Mobile Brain, the company leverages the theory of graphs to analyze narratives as a pathway of words and their interactions.

Echo Labs is not your average transcription service. It stands out by blending advanced AI technology with the expertise of top-tier transcriptionists from across the United States. This unique combination allows Echo Labs to offer transcription services that are not just fast and accurate but also budget-friendly.

Language Confidence provides API access to their leading-edge AI Speech Assessment Toolkit that automates the teaching and testing of spoken English for students. Your students can practice their spoken English anytime, anywhere.

儭 AI Minds Podcast!

In this episode of AI Minds Podcast, we jump into the world of AI technology with Mohsen Amin, CEO and founder of Contacti AI.

His AI project is transforming businesses by integrating with CRM systems to streamline operations, including medical clinics. Distinguishing this AI is its capability to handle interruptions during phone calls seamlessly.

This episode is a preview to the power of AI in reshaping customer service and mitigating operational bottlenecks.

Additional Bits and Bytes

And, of course, since youve scrolled down this far, you get some (relatively random) juicy bits of content!

  • TEDx Talk (link above) - A teacher for over 36 years, Marc Natanagara Ed.D dives deep into how AI has revolutionized every industry, including education, and proposes a reimagined future for learning in the age of smart machines. He discusses the necessity to adapt and rethink how we value and measure human learning and intelligence in this technological era.

  • Fine tuning secrets-In the third installment in our Building an LLM stack from the ground up series, Andy Wang reveals incredible finetuning techniques, tips, and tricks.

  • AI and Education: A complete overview - In this glossary entry, we see how AI is revolutionizing education from Kindergarten to collegiate levels.

  • Top 7 Uses for Speech-to-text in Education - The title says it all. If you want to see legitimate AI in action within the world of education, check out this article!