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  • Underrated Jensen Huang Talk, Deepgram Acquires Poised, and where GPT-4o fails

Underrated Jensen Huang Talk, Deepgram Acquires Poised, and where GPT-4o fails

Jensen Huang gives entrepreneurial advice, Engineers tricked GPT-4o, and a new Image-to-Video AI Model

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In this edition:

  • 🎥 Underrated Jensen Huang Speech at Stanford

  • 🚀 Deepgram Acquires Poised

  • 🪄 The Tests that Tricked GPT-4o

  • 📸 New Image-to-Video Generation Model - AtomoVideo

  • 📐 Benchmarking and Dissecting the NVIDIA Hopper GPU Architecture

  • 🐦 Twitter: Jensen Huang and AI 3D Printer

  • 📲 New AI Apps to Check Out!

  • 🎙️ AI Minds Episode with AudioPen Creator Louis Pereira

  • 📝 Free Transcription Tool For You!

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Deepgram just released a brand new text-to-speech model called Aura! Check it out here. 🥳

🎥 Jensen Huang at Stanford: “Please don’t build GPUs”

In this underrated talk, Jensen Huang discusses how GPUs can mimic biology, the challenges of AI business, and how to improve your chances of success in Silicon Valley. Check out the link above to hear the entire discussion! Jensen appears at the 6:58 timestamp

🏇 Deepgram Acquires Poised & Where GPT-4o Fails

Deepgram Acquires Poised, Elevating Real-Time Voice AI Communication - Deepgram, a leading foundational AI company specializing in voice AI, is excited to announce the acquisition of Poised, the innovative minds behind the Poised AI Coach Service. This strategic acquisition includes Poised’s proprietary technology and integrations, as well as key members of its engineering team.

The Tests that Tricked GPT-4o - From counting people in images to writing code, there are some places where GPT-4o shines and others where it could improve. GPT-4o displayed a massive leap in the capabilities and accessibilities of Large Language Models. But how big really is that leap?

🧑‍🔬 Image-to-Video Generation and Benchmarking GPUs

AtomoVideo: High Fidelity Image-to-Video Generation - This paper proposes a high fidelity framework for image-to-video generation, named AtomoVideo. Based on multi-granularity image injection, the model achieves higher fidelity of the generated video to the given image.

Benchmarking and Dissecting the Nvidia Hopper GPU Architecture - This paper proposes an extensive benchmarking study focused on the Hopper GPU. The objective is to unveil its microarchitectural intricacies through an examination of the new instruction-set architecture (ISA) of Nvidia GPUs and the utilization of new CUDA APIs.

🐝 Social Media Buzz: Jensen Huang & AI 3D Printing

📲 New AI Apps For You!

Poised is an innovative tool designed to transform your speaking abilities. This AI-powered communication coach offers real-time feedback, trend analysis, and personalized coaching to help you communicate more effectively. 

AIApply is at the forefront of the challenge of job applications, offering a suite of AI-powered tools designed to revolutionize how job seekers approach their job search. From crafting personalized resumes to preparing for interviews with AI, AIApply promises to streamline the job application process and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

🎙️ AI Minds Podcast! 

This episode of AIMinds see us joined by the creator of AudioPen: Louis Pereira.

AudioPen is a tool used by people with disabilities to professionals utilizing it for meetings and thesis writing. Demetrios and Louis ponder the design philosophy behind AudioPen, Louis's passion for his product, and the role of personal connection in business.

📝 Free Transcription Forever! New Speech-to-Text AI Tool

Check out the LinkedIn post below to see what CMO Marcel Santilli has in store for you! If you want or need free transcription, check out the video attached to the post to see what Deepgram has to offer.