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  • Luma “Destroys” Sora, Zuckerberg Exposes Meta’s AI Strategy, and Researchers Scrutinize Self-Driving Cars

Luma “Destroys” Sora, Zuckerberg Exposes Meta’s AI Strategy, and Researchers Scrutinize Self-Driving Cars

Keyframes overshadow OpenAI, Zuckerberg talks AI hardware, and the debate on self-driving cars gets spicier

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In this edition:

  • 🤯 Zuckerberg exposes Meta’s AI Plans, especially hardware

  • 📸 Will Luma’s keyframe image-to-video generator kill OpenAI’s Sora?

  • 🌍 Researchers are using Sora to build more robust agents

  • 🚗 What People (and Researchers) Really Think of Self-Driving Cars

  • 💸 Best AI Tools for Business: Complete List and Case Study

  • 🚌 The Industry Truth behind Self-Driving Cars

  • 📲 The 3 most popular AI Apps we’ve ever featured

  • 🎤 AI Minds Podcast with CEO & Co-founder Bowen Moody!

  • 🦙 Podcast: Zuckerberg on Llama 3 and AGI

  • 🤖 Bonus Content: A complete overview of Sora

  • 🎇 Bonus Content: The Impact of AI on Human Jobs

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We coded with the brand-new Whisper-v3 over the past week, and the results were not what we expected. Check it out here!

🎥  Zuckerberg Reveals Meta’s AI Plans: Neural Wristbands, Smart Sunglasses, and more

In this video with YouTuber Kallaway, Mark Zuckerberg explains why Meta is pursuing products like Creator Agents, Smart Sunglasses, and neural wristbands. Zuckerberg also discusses his thoughts on Open Source models, the replacement of mobile phones, and the impact of AI on artists.

🐝 Will Luma Kill Sora? Social Media Buzz

The following Tweet thread showcases Luma AI’s new keyframe technology—a model that generates videos based on a series of input images. Click into the thread to see a few incredible examples of Luma’s video generation!

🧑‍🔬  Sora Fights Back and How People Really Feel About Self-Driving Cars

WorldGPT: A Sora-Inspired Video AI Agent as Rich World Models from Text and Image Inputs- Despite what some Tweets might argue, Sora is far from dead. In fact, it’s holding up quite well in the fight for relevance in the AI world. This paper presents an innovative video generation AI agent that harnesses the power of Sora-inspired multimodal learning.

How does Simulation-based Testing for Self-driving Cars match Human Perception? - Self-Driving Cars (SDCs) are a double-edged sword. Some people love them; others feel unsafe around them. The authors of this paper conducted an empirical study involving 50 participants to investigate the factors that determine how humans perceive SDC test cases as safe, unsafe, realistic, or unrealistic.

🏇 The Best AI Tools for Business and The Industry Truth Behind Self-Driving Cars

Best AI Tools for Business: Complete List and Case Study - Integrating AI in business operations is not just a trend but a strategic move that improves productivity, reduces costs, and unlocks new growth opportunities. From retail to finance, this article will teach you ways to optimize your business with AI.

The Hidden Truth Behind Self-Driving Cars: An Overview - During a 2024 survey by Forbes, 93% of Americans stated that they have concerns about some aspects of self-driving cars specifically with safety and malfunctions. Companies like Tesla tell us not to worry. This article reveals what’s really going on.

We’ve been featuring a variety of AI apps on this newsletter for over six months now. To celebrate this half-year anniversary, we present to you the top three most popular AI apps we’ve ever featured!

The DoMyShoot solution helps sellers of all sizes to create standout product photos at scale. With an intuitive interface for both mobile and web, DoMyShoot allows an ease of use to sellers with limited or no design skills to create professional quality outputs for product listings, lifestyle shots and social media posts.

Originally featured in AI Minds #30

Fadr - Remix songs with AI-separated stems - it's magic for music creators. Fadr is an AI-powered music creation and remixing platform that allows users to easily create stems, remixes, mashups, and more.

Originally Featured in AI Minds #21

Univerbal is a mobile app that provides a natural way to learn languages through conversation. It uses AI to have realistic dialogues on any topic, giving instant feedback on grammar and vocabulary.

Originally featured in AI Minds #30

🎙️ AI Minds Podcast!

In this episode of the AI Minds Podcast, Bowen Moody, Co-founder and CEO of Wonderway, discusses his entrepreneurial journey, starting with a challenging personal life shift that led him to leave a stifling project management role to innovate in the Edtech space. 

The episode details the evolution of Wonderway, which began with face-to-face corporate training solutions and pivoted to leverage AI-driven tools focusing on sales training.

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