Superhumans & Synthetic Humans: New AI Applications

Synthetic humans do jobs we don't want to do; meanwhile superhuman AI models perform those tasks faster and more accurately than ever. Here are their secrets.

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  • 🤖 Voice AI Agents are basically Synthetic Humans

  • 🔊 The hidden secret of natural-sounding text-to-speech AI

  • ❤️ Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker

  • 🦸 Thousands of AI Authors on the future of AI and superhuman AI

  • 📲 3 new trending AI apps!

  • 🎤 AI Minds Podcast with

  • 📺 More Sora Demos from OpenAI

  • 🐦 AI-powered Superhuman software engineers and therapists

  • 📚 AI Voice Agents, AI Assistants, and Intelligent Document Processing

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Oh yeah, and while you may be familiar with Deepgram’s speech-to-text API, you might want to check out our upcoming text-to-speech technology as well 🥳

🏇 Creating Synthetic Humans: LLMs that can speak

Uncovering Voicebots: Secrets to building voice AI agents - In our last newsletter, you may have seen us feature among our list trending AI tools. This week, you can take a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of their stack. What really goes into building voice-enabled AI? The selection of technologies for a voicebot's tech stack is not a one-size-fits-all decision. Here’s how those choices are made.

Environment-Aware TTS Just Sounds Better: The Key to Natural-Sounding AI - A key component of building a synthetic human is a natural-sounding voice. In this article, Bradley Nikkel delves into a new, underrated technique of creating extremely natural-sounding AI: Environment-aware training—that is, training on audio that contains background noise and even interference.

🧑‍🔬 Researchers developing and predicting Superhuman AI

Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker - Past successes in AI benchmarks have been limited to two-player games. However, multiplayer games present fundamental additional issues beyond those in two-player games, and multiplayer poker is a recognized AI milestone. This paper presents Pluribus, an AI that we show is stronger than top human professionals in six-player no-limit Texas hold’em poker.

Thousands of AI Authors on the Future of AI - “If science continues undisrupted, the chance of unaided machines outperforming humans in every possible task was estimated at 10% by 2027, and 50% by 2047. [...] While 68.3% thought good outcomes from superhuman AI are more likely than bad, of these net optimists 48% gave at least a 5% chance of extremely bad outcomes such as human extinction, and 59% of net pessimists gave 5% or more to extremely good outcomes.”

Feathery - Feathery is the most powerful no-code form and workflow builder. Its powerful designer, logic builder, and deep integrations allow companies to build complex user-facing flows. Feathery is used by financial services, healthcare, and software companies.

Undetectable - is a tool that can take AI-generated content and rewrite it to make it sound more human-like and undetectable by AI detectors. The tool uses advanced algorithms and paraphrasing techniques to transform the input text.

AI Lawyer - We’ve discussed synthetic humans, and we’ve discussed superhumans. Well AI Lawyer might just be a synthetic superhuman. It’s an AI-powered legal assistant that provides instant access to legal help and services. It aims to make legal expertise more accessible and affordable.

🎙️ AI Minds Podcast!

With another week comes another episode of AI Minds!

In this episode, Demetrios has a conversation with Justin Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder at and Jason Pearl, Product Design & Engineering. 

The discussion revolves around the evolution of podcasting, the intersection of technology and content creation, and the challenges faced when integrating AI into their platform. 

Justin also shares his journey into podcasting, highlighting the deep connections and opportunities that arise from this medium.

📽️ More Sora Demos from OpenAI

🐝 Social media buzz

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter about superhuman AI and synthetic human AI. The only question is how far are we from these projections, really?

📚 Glossary Pages

The glossary entries below outline everything you need to know about each respective topic—from histories, to use cases, to current implementations & resources. Check them out!

  • Intelligent Document Processing - Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has changed how businesses approach the challenge of document processing by automating the extraction of data from semi-structured and unstructured documents and converting it into a structured, actionable format. 

  • AI Assistants - AI agents and assistants are transformative tools across various domains. The future promises exciting advancements with integration with other technologies. 

  • AI Voice Agents - AI voice agents (also known as Voice AI Agents) represent a significant leap forward in how humans interact with machines. Defined as software programs that utilize artificial intelligence to comprehend and respond to human speech, these agents serve as the backbone of modern virtual assistants and customer service tools.