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Andrew Ng Underrated Speech, NVIDIA’s Hardware Leadership & LLM Business Proposals: AI & Business

AI and Business: NVIDIA, Microsoft, Andrew Ng, and other key players lead the way... and here's how you can too!

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In this edition:

  • 🎤 Watch Andrew Ng’s Most Underrated Speech

  • 📈 How to use AI to 24x Traffic in Your Business

  • 💼 How well can LLMs explain business processes?

  • ✏️ Applying LLMs in Business Proposal Writing

  • 🏢 AI in Decision Making: Transforming Business Strategies

  • 💽 How NVIDIA Led the AI Hardware Revolution

  • 🤖 Multimodal Graph-of-Thoughts leads to better AI Reasoning skills

  • 🐦Twitter: Microsoft & CFOs on Generative AI in Business

  • 📲 3 New AI Apps for Businesses!

  • 🎙️ AI Minds Podcast Episode 11 w/ Laurin Wirth—Co-Founder of Whisper Transcribe

  • 🌲 Stanford Webinar on AI for Business Leaders

  • 🥊The fight between AI Startups and Big Tech

  • 🌍 Five AI and LLM Startups in Africa

  • 💻 Top 8 Conversational AI Conferences

  • 🛡️BONUS: Unveiling Defensibility Strategies for AI Startups!

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🎥 Andrew Ng’s Most Underrated Speech

With fewer than 1 million views, this TED Talk by Andrew Ng is one of his most underrated speeches of all time, outperformed by his presentations at Stanford University and even his more complicated, mathematically dense machine learning lectures.

Nevertheless, his message is crucial and clear: Democratizing access to AI empowers any business to make decisions that will increase their profit and productivity.

💰 How to Use AI to 24x Traffic in Your Business and Convert to Opps

​Join this live session with CMO Marcel Santilli, where he will share how he used AirOps to create an AI + human workflow that scaled traffic from 37k to 1.5M unique visitors and leveraged Koala’s warm outbound functionality to convert that traffic into incremental pipeline on autopilot!

Where: Zoom

When: Friday, May 10th — 9am-10am GMT-7

🧑‍🔬 Does AI Transform Businesses for Better or for Worse?

How well can large language models explain business processes? - LLMs are likely to play a prominent role in future AI-augmented business process management systems (ABPMSs) catering functionalities across all system lifecycle stages. One such system’s functionality is Situation-Aware eXplainability (SAX). This paper presents a framework developed to generate SAX explanations.

Applying Large Language Models in Teaching Business English Writing: A Case Study of Business Proposal Writing - This study takes the use of ERNIE Bot in teaching business proposal writing. The results show that students using ERNIE Bot as an auxiliary tool demonstrates higher participation and enthusiasm in the proposal writing process. Students’ clarity and linguistic accuracy also improved.

AI in Decision Making: Transforming Business Strategies- This paper delves into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on strategic business decisionmaking, offering a nuanced perspective on how AI is reshaping the corporate world. It concludes that AI is a cornerstone in business evolution, offering unparalleled opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

🏇 How NVIDIA Led the AI Hardware Revolution & the Newest Development in Multimodal AI

From ENIAC to NVIDIA: The Epic Saga of AI Hardware Revolution - ENIAC started out as a military ballistics trajectory calculator, but soon turned into an AI chip. Years later, NVIDIA went through the same transformation from a graphics chip to the forefront of the AI hardware world. Here’s how it happened.

Multimodal Graph-of-Thoughts: How Text, Images, and Graphs Lead to Better Reasoning - There are many ways to ask Large Language Models (LLMs) questions. Plain ol’ Input-Output (IO) prompting works fine for most simple questions. But we often want to ask LLMs more complicated questions than IO prompting can handle. And that’s where Multimodal Graph of Thoughts comes in.

🐝 Social media buzz

🧭 3 New AI Apps for Businesses!

BuildKeeper is a modern software solution designed specifically for small construction businesses. It provides a suite of AI-powered features to help streamline operations and provide insights. BuildKeeper aims to make construction management easy and efficient.

Effy is software for running employee reviews, providing ready-to-use templates, review statistics, and AI-generated reports. It aims to be the fastest and most efficient way for companies to conduct employee reviews and feedback.

AI Consulting Tools is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate in-depth business analyses like SWOT, PESTEL, user personas, and lean canvases. It aims to help consultants and other professionals save time by instantly creating these documents based on a simple text description.

🎙️ AI Minds Podcast! 

In this episode, Laurin Wirth—Co-Founder of Whisper Transcribe—discusses the startup's evolution from a transcription-focused desktop app to integrating AI models for content generation. 

Emphasizing the company's high-quality, fast, and privacy-friendly services, Laurin outlines their focus on sustainable growth and the challenges faced in juggling multiple projects. 

Additionally, he highlights the enhancements driven by customer requests and expresses gratitude for their collaboration with Deepgram through the startup program.

🤖 Additional Bits and Bytes

  • 🏆 Do AI startups really stand a chance against big-tech? - At first, it seems that small startups pale in comparison to giants like MANGA/FAANG. However, Google itself admits that Open Source language models are “faster, more customizable, more private, and pound-for-pound more capable.” So is this a classic David and Goliath story? Or is this more like Godzilla vs. King Kong? Find out here.

  • 💻 Five Startups Shaping the Language AI Landscape in Africa - Artificial intelligence is not merely a fad in Silicon Valley. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. LLMs are emerging and advancing at an amazing rate in Africa, and here are five startups leading the charge.

  • 🤖 Top 8 Conversational AI Conferences in 2023 And Beyond - If you’re interested in chatbots, virtual assistants, and language models, these eight conferences will definitely offer you something to pique your interest. Perhaps you may even sponsor one of these events soon! 

  • 🛡️ Unveiling Defensibility Strategies for AI Startups - Yes, we know it’s important for a startup to be defensible, but how exactly can we accomplish that? Well consider this article your go-to one-stop shop for such techniques, with examples of how currently thriving companies have earned their way to the Mount Olympus of the AI world.